Saving money for the project

Saving enough money to start this project was difficult to say the least. There is no way I would have made my goal without matched betting with OddsMonkey. Matched betting has been a lifeline to me and my family. When you are self employed and starting a new business you just don’t know where the next check is coming from. So to be able to earn money from home with matched betting was the most amazing discovery.

My friend told me about Profit Accumulator but I had been reading up on OddsMonkey. A quick google search of OddsMonkey vs Profit Accumulator gave me the answer I needed and I signed up with the monkey.

Once I signed up I started reading and I spent all night reading their site soaking up the information. It was fascinating and ind blowing that this information was out there and it was so easy to do.

The next day I followed the step by step instructions and signed up to Ladbrokes and made my first profit. It was completely exhilarating to be able to bet with no risk involved. All the bets are layed at Betfair so I never had to worry about losing money. That was something I couldn’t afford to do and gambling is a big no no in my eyes. If you can get your head around the fact that this isn’t gambling at all then you will be fine.

Yes we are placing bets but there is no risk. Your bets can’t lose as you always place 2 to cover all outcomes. Sounds complicated but it really isn’t.

I now had a steady income of around £600 a month which was paying the bills and giving me a little bit of money to invest in the business. I honestly can’t recommend this more highly. It costs £17.99 a month to join up but you will make that back on day 1. Some people are making a few thousand a month and I can see how. If I had more time to invest I would be able to do the same. It’s really lucrative.

So the business is coming along nicely now and I still have a few quid to play with every month thanks to this new hobby. Get involved while you can.

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